Top Advantages of Finishing your Basement

Unfinished basements are untapped potential to increase the livable square footage in your home. Not only can your family utilize that space, but a basement remodel can also increase the overall value of your home for future buyers.

Center Island Contracting has done many basement conversions, where we properly evaluate what steps would be needed to convert your basement or garage, then transform it into a beautifully finished, livable space or room, great for guests and company.

Below are the top advantages to finishing your basement.

Increase Home’s Value

A home’s value is based on the total finished livable square footage. Once a basement is finished, the home’s value increases immediately. With basement remodels that add bedrooms and bathrooms, that will increase the overall number of bedrooms in your home which might appeal to more buyers.

More Living Space

More living space means living more comfortably at home. For example, if you’ve been working from home out of a makeshift office in your kitchen, more living space will allow you to build a home office in the basement. If your teenagers are in desperate need of a hangout space to spend time with their friends, a basement remodel can provide that too.

Design Flexibility

The beauty of a basement remodel is that you can decide what’s missing from your home and create that space in your basement. If your home lacks an entertaining area to host friends, create a bar area in the basement perfect for hanging out with friends. If your home needs a second living space to accommodate your growing family, a basement is a great place for that.

More Storage

Basements provide seemingly endless amounts of storage compared to your maxed out storage spaces upstairs. More closet space, cabinet space and extra rooms to store your possessions means a remodeled basement provides huge advantages to your family.

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