6 Reasons Remodeling is a Better Alternative to Moving

Many homeowners make the decision to move based on downsizing, or needing more space, whether because of an expanding family or because your needs and desires have changed. Rather than go through the long and expensive process of selling your home and finding a new one, why not make your existing home that you already know and love into the dream home you always envisioned it to be?

There are various choices when it comes to remodeling your home, and we can walk you through the best decision for your budget and personal needs. Whether you choose to go the dormers, extensions or addition route, or decide to knock down and start over, your local Long Island contractors can help you create a home that checks all the boxes.

Below are six reasons we think remodeling is a better alternative to moving.

Stay Within Budget

When you establish a budget with our design-build firm in the beginning of the home remodel project, we will stick to it. This is the opposite of going the real estate route, where spending extra is expected.


Remodeling your existing home gives homeowners the unique opportunity to completely customize their home. When buying a house on the real estate market, the house likely won’t have every single thing on your checklist, and you’ll end up settling.

Put Down Roots

When you choose remodeling over relocating, you can establish roots in your current neighborhood. Maybe you’ve already been there for a number of years, or you’re working your way towards putting down roots and feel comfortable staying where you are. In this case, remodeling your house to make it fit your needs would be a much better option over moving.

Skip the Hassle of Moving

Is there anyone who likes to move? Moving can be a huge stressor in a family’s life, disrupting it greatly. Packing up your entire house and moving it to a new location is tiring in itself, then add on the extra expenses moving can cost and it’s just a hassle all around.

Avoid Real Estate Headaches

Especially now in the current real estate landscape, selling your house then buying a new one can be a major headache. Inspections, deals falling through, bidding wars, etc. are all pitfalls of buying a new house. When you take all of this out of the equation, it’s easy to get excited about remodeling your house.

Home is Better Than New

When remodeling your Long Island home with Center Island Contracting, the finished product is a home that’s not only customized to your exact personal taste and style, it’s better than new with new HVAC systems, functional layouts and more. It will fit perfectly into the criteria you have for your dream home – location, design and function.

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