When you need a masonry company, call Center Island Contracting for professional masonry services. We understand that curb appeal is the first impression of your home and style. With the wide range of product lines available today to finish your walkway, build masonry retaining walls, install stone veneer, and/or install your new driveway, you can create a welcoming and lasting impression with the help of our masonry services.

We know how important stone selection can be to any project, whether you are installing new or replacing old masonry work. Rest assured that our design approach will take all the existing and/or new features of your home into account when selecting stone to accomplish your desired look. Unlike any other masonry company on Long Island, the stonemasons providing our masonry services work hand in hand with our design specialists, making a cohesive transition from contracting to masonry. In addition, our landscaping experts don’t have to work with an outside masonry company when planning masonry retaining walls or other projects.

In addition to our masonry services, our expert designers give you their opinions on the overall project, highlighting any possible areas where you might like additional masonry enhancements. Lighting directs peoples’ focus and adds a sense of security to a home. Is your existing front yard design complemented with the proper lighting fixtures and layout? Do you need motion lights for dark side yards? With every service we provide, our detailed approach will ensure that every aspect of your project is covered.

Choose our professional masonry services to accomplish any project, from masonry retaining walls to walkways and rock gardens. Don’t call a separate masonry company! Call Center Island Contracting for the highest quality masonry services, contact us!