New Home Construction

New Home Construction

Although new home construction on Long Island has decreased, the importance of designing and constructing new homes while incorporating green solutions has increased. When building new homes, Energy Star rebates and energy conservation has become a priority in today’s market.

Incorporating Energy Star products in the construction of your home will continue to save you money through the years. Although some Energy Star product incentives and rebates are clearly cost effective, some may not be. We weigh every option with you and assist in making an educated decision based on the pros and cons.

We believe that planning is the key success for any project and it’s even more important as the scope of the project increases. Our detailed approach to design, planning, and budget guidelines will ensure that your project is complete, with the best available products and options your budget allows.

Building a new home is a large task for any client. Reviewing elevations, maintaining setbacks, and meeting the ever-changing codes of the Village or Town are all issues that need to be addressed with new home construction. We plan for the present and future while building your home to ensure work is completed with your future plans in mind.

Our qualified professional new home construction management team is here to help you build the new home of your dreams. With the knowledge about local and New York State laws, our staff can answer all your questions and streamline the entire process.

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