Custom Trim | Built-Ins

Custom Trim | Built-Ins

Custom trim molding can make a fantastic addition to your home. When it comes to wood work, it truly is all in the details. With our wide range of product lines for trim moldings and customized knives to match existing molding, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you desire a built-in entertainment system, a custom bar, book cases, custom trim moldings, fireplace mantels, custom closet organizers, or matching existing wood work on your home, our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready and able.

With custom trim moldings, you can add an elegant touch to any room. We will discuss with you the different built-in work that we can do to enhance your pre-existing room or how we can emphasize the structural elements in a new addition. Also, we can explain the benefits of different wood finishes and what would complement the design of your project. With years of experience, our custom trim and molding design team understands which trim moldings will look the best in any variety of room styles.

We are able to design it, build it, and finish it to your exact specifications. Our qualified professional design team can assist in accomplishing even the smallest task. Whether you need custom trim moldings or built-in closets, we can handle any size projects. For the very best custom trim moldings on Long Island, Email us or call (631) 465-9765.