Top 5 Transitional Home Features for Your New Construction Home

Transitional home design appeals to a wide range of homeowners because of its versatility. Transitional design blends a mixture of design styles, working cohesively together to create a new category of its own.

This type of home design works perfectly for couples who have different styles but want to blend their design preferences together. For the most part, transitional home design blends traditional and modern interior design styles. This is all about balance, incorporating the timeless style of the past with the up-to-date design of the present and future.

When designing a new construction home for you and your family, see below for the top transitional home design features to incorporate into your home design strategy.

Lighter Wood Tones

Transitional homes are warm and welcoming, featuring lighter wood tones used for both flooring and furniture. These light wood tones make the home design appear sleek and effortless. Mixing in a neutral color palette will emphasize the transitional feeling.

Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette is prevalent in transitional style homes. From the wall colors to furniture and all fabric selections, keeping a neutral color palette plays into the balance that transitional style brings into home design. Neutral colors offer a soothing, clean base to start designing from.

Modern Accents

Pops of modern accents like the use of metallics are what many transitional style homes strive for. With that neutral, warm and inviting approach comes subtle hints of modern style to keep the home looking fresh and up to date. Modern light fixtures are a good way to incorporate accents without going overboard with modern finishes.

Comfortable Furniture

Think a lot of cushions, plush accent chairs and couches, and many comfortable throw pillows. Comfortable furniture and design accessories are what gives transitional homes a cozy and inviting look.

Minimal Accessories

Minimal accessories are what make up a transitional style home. The idea is to create enough quality visual interest without distracting the eye. Comfort, neutral color palettes and subtle accents should be emphasized with minimal accessories to create a transitional home oasis.

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