Top 5 Hidden Kitchen Design Features for Your Bay Shore Kitchen Remodel

The advantage of a kitchen remodel or building a new kitchen in a new construction home is it can be fully customizable to your personal tastes and preferences. Not only can you choose all design options like flooring, cabinets, and kitchen layout, you can even add in a few personal touches that make your new kitchen unique to your home.

Homeowners are showing preferences for more “hidden” features in their kitchen design in recent years. Kitchens are being designed to blend in with the fully open home design concept. Instead of a blocked off kitchen, interior designers have been creating spaces that integrate one big great room that combines the family room area, kitchen, and dining space.

Below are the top 5 hidden kitchen design features that accomplish this design concept.

Hidden Pantry

Creating a pantry door that blends into the wall can achieve that hidden look found in many modern or minimalist style homes, without sacrificing the walk-in pantry space that provides such great storage. Hidden pantries are a great addition to your hidden kitchen remodel because they hide all the food and appliances you don’t want out in your kitchen.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen by making appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves look like they’re part of the cabinetry. This gives the kitchen a sleek and clean look.

Skip the Hardware

Skipping the hardware gives the kitchen a minimalist look. Instead of hardware handles or knobs, opt for a lip or a pull out that blends into the cabinets. This looks really nice with wood cabinets paired with a wood lip that looks like it’s part of the cabinet design.

Hidden Spice Rack

Hide your spices behind your backsplash for a more streamlined look in your kitchen remodel. Hiding your dozens of spice bottles above the stovetop can give your kitchen a cleaner look while still providing easy access to spices while cooking.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors can hide just about anything you want in your hidden kitchen remodel. Put appliances, small closets, or a coffee station behind the pocket doors for another hidden kitchen feature idea.

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