Designing Your New Construction Home with Green Solutions

More homeowners than ever are focusing on green solutions when it comes to new construction homes. Reducing carbon footprints, lowering electric bills, and producing less waste are the main objectives for eco-friendly building practices.

When building a new home, homeowners have the ability to customize it to their exact preferences. This includes incorporating green solutions for everyday living. For ideas on eco-friendly building practices, read below.

Better Insulation

Heating and cooling accounts for a large amount of your home’s energy consumption. By installing proper insulation, your home’s heating and cooling system is the most efficient it can possibly be. This prohibits the air from escaping the home, which saves money on electricity bills and reduces energy expenditure substantially.

Reuse Building Materials

Reusing building materials is a more sustainable approach to building your new construction home. Reuse wood for flooring, reuse windows and doors, and reuse any type of recycled material to achieve green home status.

Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances are the most sustainable option for appliances available. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies these products with their Energy Star logo to distinguish the products that meet government guidelines for energy efficiency.

Solar Panels

Using the sun’s free, renewable energy is possible with the use of solar panels. There is more of an investment upfront, but the energy and cost savings it provides homeowners with is a great way to build a more sustainable new construction home.

Smart Technology

Smart technology can save energy and electricity by conserving energy expenditure within the home. Smart thermostats, touchless faucets, automated lighting, and other smart features can monitor and manage the amount of energy being used in the household on a daily basis.

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