Top 5 Benefits of Knocking Down and Rebuilding

Is it time to knock down and start over? The end result of a knock down and rebuild project is the same as a new construction home, with the addition of benefits like staying in the location you love.

Center Island Contracting has floor plans designed for the exact lot sizes in the neighborhood you currently live in, so your knock down and rebuild process is easier than you might think. Work with our experts to design a layout that works best for you, then pick out the home finishes you’ve always wanted.

Below are 5 benefits of knocking down and rebuilding.

Stay in the Neighborhood You Love

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of knocking down and rebuilding and the factor that ultimately sealed the decision for your family is that you get to stay right where you are. No changing schools, no picking up and leaving behind all the things you love about your neighborhood. Stay in the neighborhood you love but gain a brand new home.

More Cost-Effective

Save on moving costs and other expenses with a knock down and rebuild. While it might be a hassle to temporarily move out during construction, knocking down and rebuilding is more cost-effective in the long run. Keeping the most basic foundation of the home can save money and time.

Fresh Start with New Design

Another massive benefit of a knock down and rebuild is your family gets an entirely new home, with a layout that works better and new finishes that bring the home up to date again. We can work with you to design the home of your dreams within a budget that you set in place ahead of time.

Easier to Obtain Permits

Anyone who has gone through a permit approval process knows it can get stressful. It will be easier to obtain permits for a knock down and rebuild since there’s already a building in place, instead of having to get approval to build a new structure.

Quicker Turnaround

There will be some time spent away from the home while the rebuild part of the process commences, but it will be a lot quicker than selling your home then going through the grueling process of finding a new one.

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