Mother-Daughter Renovation Benefits

The contractors at Center Island Contracting believe there are several benefits to a Mother-Daughter home. Mother-Daughter renovations are a concept to explore for many types of family situations, including a college student who isn’t ready to live a financially independent life, or an aging mother who can benefit greatly from live-in care.

What is a Mother-Daughter home?

Unlike a home with a mother-in-law suite, a Mother-Daughter home has two separate living spaces with a shared main living area. The mother and daughter share utilities like the kitchen and family room but have their own living spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

There are a variety of benefits associated with Mother-Daughter homes. Below are some reasons you should ask the building experts about a Mother-Daughter home renovation today!

Shared Costs

Your own private living area at a reduced monthly cost. Shared costs are a an excellent benefit of a Mother-Daughter home renovation. You will both maintain your privacy, with shared living spaces and shared costs.

Larger Down Payment with Lower Mortgage Payment

When buying a Mother-Daughter home, the initial down payment will be larger since more overall space is needed, however, your mortgage payment can essentially be cut in half. For families in certain points in their life this can be greatly beneficial to all parties involved.

Built-In Care

For families with an aging or elderly parent, the built-in care available in a Mother-Daughter home is worth it in itself. Not only do you not have to send mom to a nursing home or find an expensive full-time aide, you will be right there to care for your aging parent at home.

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