Tiny House Trend: Is It for You?

By now we’ve all seen the Tiny House trend on HGTV shows, discussed it with friends, family and co-workers and read all about it on our Facebook timelines. It could be one of those blink-and-you-missed-it trends, but if you’ve considered it for yourself in any way, read on for some advantages living in a Tiny House can provide. There are valid reasons thousands of people in the U.S. are considering this lifestyle, and here are a few of them.

Live where you want

Are you newly retired? Live a nomadic lifestyle without a home base? Do you live in certain parts of the country seasonally? A tiny house might be exactly what you need. Owning this portable home means you don’t have to settle for one part of the country to live. You can be a snowbird, or visit family in other parts of the country without having to sacrifice your home oasis. Hitch your tiny house to a truck and greet the open road.

Say goodbye to a mortgage

Tiny houses are affordable, which is part of their allure. Depending on the finishes you choose, the cost of a tiny home is a fraction of the price of a normal home. If you have the cash saved, you can pay it off right away and say goodbye to the dreaded mortgage.

No need to sacrifice design details

Just because your tiny home is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be designed  to your liking. You’ve seen it on shows like Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Builders, Tiny House Big Living and Tiny House Nation, these homes are just as nice as any other home – they’re just tiny.

Traveling is possible

Do you have the travel itch? Invest in a tiny house. Not only can you live anywhere you want like we previously mentioned, but you can also travel wherever you want. Pick a vacation spot and haul your home with you, it’s as easy as that. Decide before you build your tiny house if you will be using it to travel a lot, that way you can invest in solar panels or other travel-friendly characteristics that make it easy for you to pull it up to a campsite without needing any hookups.

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