6 Tips To Make Your Outdoor Grill Area Feel Like A Vacation

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing like enjoying a meal with your family and friends outside in your own backyard. To get the most enjoyment out of it, there are ways to upgrade your backyard space to make the outdoor grill area the most desirable location on your property. These tips will make your guests feel like they’re at a vacation destination, even when you’re cooking a meal on a weeknight. Let our experts at Center Island Contracting help build or upgrade your dream outdoor grill area and get inspired by the six tips below.

Prep Area

Adding a separate area to prep your meal can transform the space into a legitimate outdoor grill area. It can be as elaborate as an outdoor sink, or as minor as a separate work table to prep the food. Either way, the outdoor grill space is set up just like a kitchen.

Add Bar Stools

Give your guests an opportunity to watch the chef at work by adding on a bar-height table with accompanying bar stools. The options are either to add a built-in bar to the grill top or just a table that’s bar-height, which will accomplish the same goal.


To ensure outdoor cooking in less-than-desirable weather, build a roof to cover the grill in your outdoor grill area. The roof cover will save you from sudden rain or other unforeseen weather emergencies during your grilling time, and it will also transform the look of the outdoor grill space.


Easy access to beer, wine, water, soda or any other beverage? Check. Adding a mini-fridge to the outdoor grill area can save you trips to the kitchen but it also helps the chef with his prep time by being able to store the meat in the mini-fridge instead of sitting out in the sun.

Custom Add-Ins

Building your kitchen custom to fit the outdoor space in your backyard perfectly is a great way to go when making the outdoor grill area the best it can be. No amount of space will be wasted if it’s custom-made, which gives your guests more room to relax.


To achieve a modern design look, accent your outdoor grill area with steel. Stone and wood is usually the norm when it comes to outdoor grill spaces, but a steel counter and/or stools can make the space look more like a sleek hotel.

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