7 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen

If a remodel isn’t in your budget, don’t worry, there are other ways to make your kitchen feel brand new again. One of the many ways to refresh the design aspect of your kitchen is to add a pop of color, which doesn’t have to be permanent.

Bar stools

Adding bright bar stools for your kitchen island is a great way to mix things up, and it’s hardly a permanent solution. If you just want to experiment with a fresh approach to your kitchen, this is the perfect way to do it. If you’re sick of the red or blue stools, or whichever color you decide to add to the room, switch them out in a few months or years.

Wall decals/art

Adding a pop of color with a wall decal will freshen your kitchen right up. If you decide it’s too overwhelming, again, you have the option of getting rid of it. But at least it will satisfy your craving for something new in your space. Art is a fun new addition to the kitchen, too. It can be exciting to hunt for an art piece for your kitchen wall(s) and you also have the option of looking for a sign or wine rack to hang to add a pop of color.

Area rug

An area rug with a pop of color goes right along with the theme of freshening up your kitchen space but not doing anything too permanent if you want to get rid of it over time. Buy a rug with a fun and funky print, a bright color or a cool texture.

Inside the shelves

Choose a color you normally wouldn’t include in your design plans and paint that color in the inside of your cabinets. You won’t have to commit to the bright color that might overwhelm the kitchen but when you open the cabinets, it’s a nice surprise.

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories are another good idea to spruce up your otherwise neutral kitchen with a pop of color. Buy some new cooking utensils, stemware, dishtowels and other accessories in a color you normally wouldn’t choose to give the kitchen a new feeling.

Accent wall

Choose one wall and paint it a pop of color so that you’re not fully committing to the color and it won’t be a hassle to change it when you get tired of it.

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