The Latest Must-Have Features to Consider for Your New Build in Bethpage

One of the most appealing features of building a new home is being able to customize it exactly how your family wants it. It’s also exciting to incorporate new and improved home features that will make your home more efficient while increasing the overall value of your home.

Center Island Contracting will work with you to design a new home with some of the latest features available to make your home more convenient, run more efficiently and overall a more comfortable space to live.

Below are some of the latest must have features for you to consider for your new build.

Smart Technology

Smart appliances such as smart refrigerators will alert you if you’re running low on your food items, smart thermostats can be managed from anywhere and smart lighting can conserve energy. Controlling all of these devices through one central system is as convenient has it gets.


Going solar is a home trend that will continue to rise because it’s good for the environment and our wallets. Converting the sun into energy gives us a renewable energy source that will never run out, so solar panel installation is an excellent investment.

Kitchen Upgrades

Our designers can lay out all the latest kitchen upgrades, such as integrated appliances and multiple kitchen workspaces. We can design butler’s pantries, built-in espresso machines and functional kitchen spaces with all the latest upgrades.

Custom Built-Ins

We can never have enough storage, and custom built-ins are a great way to incorporate storage with interior design. We can create customized built-ins in any room, whether it’s shelving for the family room’s entertainment center, shelves for a home office, or a custom his and hers walk-in closet.

Energy Star Appliances

Certified energy-efficient appliances have the Energy Star label on them. These appliances, which include dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators and more, use less energy than standard appliances. Many homeowners who are building new prefer to equip their home with all Energy Star appliances for energy savings.

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