6 Reasons New Construction Homes are Better for the Environment

There are various benefits to building a new home, but one that sticks out to many eco-conscious homeowners is that new construction homes are all around better for the environment.

Center Island Contracting has noticed an increase in homeowners who see the value in green homes – specifically lessening their carbon footprint and spending less money on energy bills each month.

Since today’s homeowners prioritize energy efficiency, this new home construction benefit is especially attractive. If you fall into the category of homeowners who are conscious about their environmental impact, keep reading for six reasons new construction homes are better for the environment.

Sustainable Building Materials

The use of reclaimed wood in new construction homes is on the rise for flooring or accent walls, or barn doors. Ethically sourced building materials are also a hot building trend, which contain less toxins than new materials.

Better Insulation

New homes are built with better insulation, which makes heating and cooling systems more efficient. In better insulated homes, less energy is needed to heat and cool the space, which in turn lowers energy bills and is better for the environment.

LED Lighting

Using LED lighting throughout your new build instead of traditional lighting will again, significantly lower your electric bill, which is better for the environment by using less energy. 

Low-Emittance Windows

Low-emittance windows are commonly used in new construction homes. They allow for more natural light inside the house and deflect UV rays away from the home. Low-e windows are coated with metallic oxides to give the windows an insulating effect on the home.

Solar Panels

Solar panels create solar energy by converting the sun into energy. This reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions that pollute our environment. Using the sun as a clean, renewable energy source will improve air quality and make us less reliant on fossil fuels.


It’s not always possible, for example for large families, but choosing to downsize will help the environment because it reduces your carbon footprint. The concept is simple; less energy is needed to run smaller homes.

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