LED Lighting Installation: The Top 5 Benefits of Switching Out Traditional Lighting for LED

LED lights are the latest innovation in lighting, offering homeowners many benefits over traditional lighting.

LED lights, or light emitting diode lights, are the most energy-efficient lights available. They are used not only in residential homes, but commercial and industrial applications as well, for street lighting, outdoor area lighting and parking garage lighting.

LED lights are much smaller in size than traditional incandescent lights, with the tiny diodes generating light when electricity is turned on. This type of lighting doesn’t use as much heat, which makes it more energy efficient.

Below are the top five benefits of switching to LED lighting.


The lifespan is one of the top reasons LED lighting is better than traditional lighting. LED lights will last far longer than incandescent bulbs, up to 50,000 hours. LED lights don’t necessarily burn out like other light sources do, instead their lighting output will slowly dim.

Less Energy

This is the obvious reason LED lights are superior. Using less energy to power your home’s lighting sources will then save money on electric bills each month, which is an appealing selling point for homeowners and home buyers.

Less Maintenance

With the longer lifespan of LED lighting means a lot less maintenance. No more changing out bulbs that burn out and no more spending money to replace bulbs frequently.


LED lights are the safer because they emit less heat, so they don’t get hot to the touch like other bulbs can. Especially with kids around, it’s beneficial that LED light bulbs emit almost no heat.


LED lights actually work more efficiently when dimmed. Note that you have to use a compatible dimmer instead of a traditional dimmer to dim LED lights.

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