As Summer Approaches, Get Beach House Ready

With summer right around the corner, ‘tis the season for beach house décor. Perhaps you need an update to your beach house or want to spruce up your primary home for the warm summer months ahead. Below are some timeless design tips for your beach house that will last you until your next upgrade, whenever that might be.

Open concept

With beach houses, an open concept provides a light and airy feeling. The goal of a beach house is to feel relaxed with family and friends, and an open concept floor plan is great for entertaining.

Light and bright

Going along with that light and airy vibe, keeping the beach house light and bright is the most inviting design concept for summer. Whether that means adding some bay windows or updating your bedroom balcony with French doors, the objective is to capitalize on the sunny months and take advantage of the light.

Beach shells

What better way to get in the beachy mood than to adorn your beach house with beach shell accents? Whether you collect them yourself and place them in a decorative jar with sand or frame a photo of shells, this popular beach item will remind you where you are – as if you needed reminding! – and instantly uplift your mood.

Blue hues

Blue hues make the most sense when decorating a beach house and they complement all the white you will likely incorporate into the home nicely. Blue matches the ocean and automatically gives off a beach vibe that will set the stage for a beautiful beach home.

Woven accessories

Woven accessories are a nice touch for your beach home, offsetting the cotton and soft textures of the rest of the house. Whether it’s a woven carpet, woven decorative balls placed in an accent bowl for your family room or kitchen or woven placemats, it’s a nice way to incorporate another texture into your design.

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