DIY Design Ideas for Updating Your Outdoor Space

With winter behind us, it’s time to start focusing on the outdoor space we have that wasn’t useful to us during the cold months. Since it’s starting to get warmer outside, we will inevitably be spending more time outside and will want an outdoor oasis to spend time in with family and friends. Here are some DIY design ideas that will update your outdoor space this summer but won’t break the budget.

Wash tub planters

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on planters, but a DIY option is to pick up some metal wash tubs at a flea market for less and drill some holes in the bottom for drainage purposes. They will look just as nice as new planters from the home improvement store.


What’s better than an outside nap in the summertime on your very own daybed? Hang your own daybed and add some comfy cushions and accent pillows for some style. Just make sure to hang it on to something structural and sturdy.

Stain the deck

A quick do-it-yourself update to your outside deck is to give it a few coats of stain. The deck will look like new by the time you’re finished with it, especially if it was starting to look worn.

Paint a rug

For a bold addition to your outdoor furniture set, pick a few complementing colors and paint a plain drop cloth rug for your very own custom outside area rug. Depending on your level of artistry, you can design it any way you desire.

Fire pit

Enjoy a warm fire on a chilly night by building a fire pit in your outdoor space. You can make your own by laying natural stone or landscape pavers for a unique look. Another idea is to build your own outdoor fireplace for your outdoor space made with stacked stone.

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