Give Your Basement a Vibrant Makeover

For anyone who has a basement or knows someone with one, it’s often one of the most popular hangouts in the house. It’s a place to experiment with vibrant colors, add a kitchen for guests who might stay the weekend and indulge in a movie theater for the ultimate relaxation space. No matter how you decide to design your basement space, allow our skilled team at Center Island Contracting to assist with your basement remodel or garage conversion.

Experiment with colors

Since technically your basement is separate from your main living space, try experimenting with a bold colored accent wall or use vibrant colors in your design aesthetic. If you wouldn’t normally put a cobalt blue accent wall in your living room, why not give it a try for a fun vibe in the basement?

Keep the theme going

On the other side, there’s no reason you can’t keep your design theme going in the basement. If you have a traditionally-designed home, keep it going downstairs. It is, after all, an extension of your home and should still reflect your tastes.

Gallery wall

Since there’s often no natural light or view provided in the basement due to no windows, create a gallery wall of art or photos of friends and family. This way, your guests have something to look at rather than the four window-less walls.


Another idea for the basement is to install a kitchenette. If your guests are lounging in the basement and feel like making a snack, a small kitchen would be available to them. Also, if you have a guest room downstairs a kitchenette will make your overnight guests feel right at home without having to disturb the rest of the family upstairs.

Movie theater

Here’s a chance to install a media room that’s undeniably comfy. The dark atmosphere of the basement lends itself to a great theater room environment to kick back and relax after a long day.

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