Spring Has Sprung: April To-Do List For Your Spring Cleaning

Although it might not feel like spring just yet in certain parts of the country, it has officially arrived. With that said, April is the perfect month to get your home in tip top shape. In the first full month of the new season, here’s a great to-do check list to prepare for springtime.


Now is a better time than ever to clean off any remnants of winter on the siding of your home. Either use a garden hose or a power washer if needed, but it will make the outside of your home look brand new again.


It can seem like a daunting job, but washing the windows is a must. Get ready for spring and the warmer months of the year by washing any dirt or dust collected from the windows and sill from the inside and out.

Donate unwanted items

It’s a good idea to kickstart your spring cleaning by getting rid of unwanted clutter. Anything you don’t use, give away to a family who will use it by donating. If there’s a lot more unwanted items than you thought, hold a yard sale. With the items gone and out of your sight, you’ll have more living space.

Cooling systems

Before summer gets here and you rely on your central air, get a maintenance company out to check that everything is working correctly. It’s better to find out beforehand so you can fix it in time for when you really need it. Not to mention if the system is working correctly, less energy is used.

Wood fences/decks

Check your deck and fences surrounding your home for any repairs that might be needed. Stain and reseal your woodwork this month, too, and get ready to use your deck for outdoor entertaining.


Who wants a cluttered garage? None of us do, but inevitably, it can end up that way after some neglect. Take this time to clean it out so that you can use it for work use or storage. Once it’s cleared out a bit, consider adding some wall-mounted storage to free up the garage space.

Screen doors/windows

Check for holes in your screen doors and windows this month as you gear up for mosquito season. Buy a screen patch kit if you find any, available at most hardware stores. For more information about any of Center Island Contracting’s services call us at (631) 465-9765.