Eat Fresh: Plant Edibles in Your Front Yard Garden

There are few things better than picking vegetables from your own yard, but not many people are open to planting them in the front yard as opposed to their backyard. Here’s what anyone opposed to the idea may not know; it’s usually the sunniest location to plant vegetables on your property, which works well with the requirement that fruit and vegetables typically need a full six hours of sunlight to turn into edibles. Below are some tips for planting a desirable front yard garden worth maintaining each season.

Make It Pretty

Since your front yard garden will be viewable from the front of your home, making it look beautiful is pretty important. This is especially true if your community’s HOA might take interest in a messy front yard, i.e. dead plants and bald spots in your front yard garden. Make an extra effort to keep your garden looking nice keeping in mind anyone passing by your house can take a peek.

Share The Wealth

What’s the point of growing these lush fruits and vegetables if you don’t share it with friends and family? Share with your neighbors, too, and give them a tour of your garden if they happen to be walking by and making small talk while you’re in front tending to your masterpiece.

Clean Out Unhealthy Plants

This tip falls in line with the making it pretty tip. There will be times that a vegetable plant dies or getting overtaken by mildew. In this case, clean out that section and start over or put something else in its place so that there are no bald spots making your front yard garden ugly.

Add Containers

When it’s time for unhealthy plants to be cleaned out, there’s always the possibility of adding a container with or without a plant in it. To go along with your edible theme, keep some containers with edibles growing in them on your front porch waiting to go for when they might need to be used. For more information about any of Center Island Contracting’s services call us at (631) 465-9765.