Sleep Better by Organizing Your Bedroom

We all strive for the recommended eight hours of sleep, but life sometimes gets in the way and it doesn’t happen. Aside from factors we can’t control, we should all do our best to get the most sleep each night so that we’re the best versions of ourselves when we wake up the next day. Below are some pointers for what we can control when it comes to our sleep – how to organize our bedroom to optimize the best night’s sleep possible.

Clutter-free nightstand

Your nightstand usually ends up being the place you dump your miscellaneous items before bed, but it’s best to keep it to a minimum. Try to keep your book, a candle and flowers next to your bed and that’s it. Reducing clutter is a good way to calm your mind, thus leading to a better night’s sleep.

Storage basket for try-on clothes

We’re all guilty of this; perhaps the women more than the men. We try clothing items on and trash them on a chair or even worse, the floor, when we’re done with them and have moved on to the next item. Put an organizational basket next to your accent chair to dispose of these lightly worn clothes so that you can revisit them and hang them properly when you’re ready.

No carpet

Carpets tend to collect dust, so your best option of keeping a clean and calm sleeping environment is to keep your wood or tile floors bare. If you crave that comfy feeling underneath your toes, get an area rug you can wash regularly.

Fresh air

A clean environment is a healthy environment, especially for the area you sleep in. Either use an air purifier or open a window (weather permitting) for a while each morning to replace the stale, germy air with clean air.

Wall hooks, storage bins or other organizational baskets

Take advantage of decorative and practical baskets or bins for storage of random items that might not have a home to clear up your bedroom from clutter and make way for a stress-free sleeping environment.

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