The Modernization of Cement Tile Design

With the rise of the vintage trend and the appreciation for hand made products, cement tile has made a comeback into modern design. It was first popular in 19th century Europe but it was replaced by new trends in the 20th century. It’s now making a comeback in a big way.

It’s not just traditional cement tile that’s making a comeback, cement tile is being used in geometric designs and patterns. Designers and manufacturers have been able to use these versatile patterns in kitchens, bathrooms and just about any living space the client desires. Not only are clients drawn to the hand-made aspect of the design, but they’re pulled to the bold designs they can be offered in as well.

Cement tile has a rich history in Europe and the process of creating it hasn’t changed in the past 100 years. Countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco, and Mexico have used this type of design for centuries. Per Anders Ovin, co-founder of Swedish company Marrakech Design, told Houzz,“We believe the change is due to an international trend, the increased demand for unique and personalized projects, the revival of all things vintage and the growing interest in geometrical patterns, all in response to the minimalism that was so prevalent before,” adding, “The tiles are handmade, they can be customized, they are beautiful in themselves and they acquire a lovely patina over time. All these things combine to make them a much more interesting material than others that might be more modern but don’t age as well.”

Cement tile in fun, bold geometric designs are on the rise. Are you building a new construction home or doing a remodel to your current home? Allow Center Island Contracting to help you plan out a design and installation plan for a cement tile design that works for your family. Call us at 516-481-4707 or 631-465-9765 today.