Siding Trends for 2018

Is 2018 the year you’ve decided to update the exterior of your home? If so, you will be interested in the newest siding trends for this upcoming year. The exterior of your home should be modern, updated and give off a good first impression. The colors you choose should go together cohesively and make a statement to anyone passing by or visiting your home, considering your siding is the first thing people notice about the home’s design. Once you change your siding, it’s likely you won’t do it again for decades – or ever. So to ensure you’re making the right decision about your new siding in 2018, check out the latest siding trends below.


Red brick will arguably never go out of style, but it does have its style resurgences. Instead of using it for entire homes in suburbia, 2018 will see brick used in a more thoughtfully designed way, particularly as a siding accent in urban areas. Homeowners are even choosing to paint over the brick to bring in a warmer feel, in neutral colors like grey and white.


Speaking of warm colors like grey and white, 2018 will continue the trend of neutral colored siding. Many shades of grey are being chosen by homeowners who want a modern, yet sophisticated exterior home. Neutrals are a classic addition to the exterior of the home, and that trend will be around for years to come.


Using natural finishes is not only a trend inside the home, but on the exterior as well. 2018 will see more occurrences of homeowners using natural materials like stone or wood but keeping it either natural or using a clear stain on it instead of disguising it with a dark paint color.

More Texture

Self-patterned and contrasting textures are becoming more popular for the home exterior, and we will likely see a lot of this siding trend in 2018. This trend gives each house a unique look, which solidifies the cookie-cutter trend of houses is out.

Grand Entrances

Gone are the days homeowners are choosing to install a single, boring door for their front entrance. 2018 will continue to see more elaborate entrances, such as grand double doors in materials like iron and glass.


Of course, the eco-friendly trend has spread to exterior home materials. The desire for eco-friendly construction is only getting more common, so eco-friendly siding will remain popular in 2018.


One of the most important features to your home is your siding. With new products and technologies available today, we are able to ensure that your home’s outer layer is water tight and insulated properly, thus increasing your energy efficiency.

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