Popularity of Bathrooms Without a Tub on the Rise

One of the newest trends in bathroom remodeling is eliminating a bathtub altogether, which makes way for more space and/or a more elaborate stand-up shower. Gone are the days the bathtub is one of the focal points of a bathroom – these days there’s less of a need for it, especially amongst those who are working with limited bathroom space.

There are still families who see a need for a bathtub; those who value having a large tub to rest in after a long day’s work, and those who need it to bathe their children. However, there’s no denying the desire for a bathtub has noticeably weakened in recent years. The shower gets used much more frequently than the tub in most households.

For those who fall into the category of ditching the tub, our qualified staff can work with you to create a larger stand-up shower stall with glass doors. Perhaps if the thought of getting rid of the tub scares you, keep one in one bathroom in the house but renovate your master to get rid of the tub and build a more spa-like shower.

Michelle Landau, director of design and a principal of Tristate Sustainable, a general contractor in Manhattan, told the New York Times about this new trend that it gives homeowners “the chance to make the bathroom appear more open.” Changing, busy lifestyles are supporting this trend, thus making it more popular for homeowners to hop on the bandwagon to ditch the shower.

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