The Benefits of Remodeling Before Moving In

Remodeling your spaces before moving in will always save you time, money and much unnecessary aggravation. We all walk into our kitchen and turn on the sink and expect water to come out, and if we turn it to the left it’s hot, turn it to the right, it’s cold. Remodeling can be quite different depending on the condition of your home. Who has worked on it over the past 20-50 years and how professional were the service people who the homeowners hired to do the work?  What does this mean?  Living through a remodeling project is at the top of the most stressful times a family can experience. Center Island Contracting Inc. has focused on means and methods to reduce the stresses of remodeling and also highly recommends to remodel before moving in. Here are just a few reasons why.

Save Money

In the remodeling world, when you complete things in a logical order, you ensure the client does not double spend money. Everyone has heard of the person who bought a home, completely re-did the front of the home including a driveway and landscaping, only to have large machines driving over it in 2 years to install the pool in the rear yard. Or the person who spends $8,000.00 re-facing cabinets only to rip them out 2 years later.


Having your floors redone requires the rooms to be empty, and even if all room are empty the micro dust that is created by the dust gets everywhere. Also during the finishing applications, many people can not deal with the smell or effects. Also keep in mind, if you live in your home, you will have to move all furniture yourself or hire someone.

HVAC Ducts

Did you know that many people have never had their ducts cleaned in their home and many have lived in those homes for over 15 years? Dirty ducts can have minor to severe side effects to children and adults. Especially after having your wood floors re-finished you should have your ducts cleaned.

Bathroom Remodeling

If your home has one bathroom, remodeling it can become a logistical challenge.


Many people paint their homes, and then decide to re-do interior doors or moldings a few years later. Once you touch the moldings and interior doors, you will need to paint again, so why not paint once?


Dust from a home that is anywhere from 25 – 75 years old can affect people very differently. Also having a new born child around this type of dust is something I would not want.

Less Headache

Remodeling is one of the most stressful times a family can go through, just due to its nature. So if you can afford to remodel before moving in, it will save a lot of stress.

Clear Plan

Working with a blank and empty canvass allows everyone to plan the remodeling project around what is “best” not what is most “convenient.”

Better Pricing

If I said I needed a tree cut in my back yard, and you can let it fall wherever it falls and don’t clean it up, this would cost A LOT LESS than if I said I need a tree cut down in my back yard over my pool and pool house, and please cover the pool so no leaves get in the pool and be-careful of the new patio and lawn furniture that is all over.  Price in Construction is driven by many things and exposure to risk is a big one, while time on a project is another. Working in finished homes can cost upwards of 30% more than working in homes that are not occupied yet.


Our qualified professional construction management division can assist in overseeing your remodel. For the best general contractors on Long Island, Email us or call (631) 465-9765.

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