Remodeling Projects to Get your Home Aging in Place Ready

Congratulations! You’ve decided your current home will be the home you will age in place in. Planning for retirement and the years beyond is the fun part.

Looking for Nassau County and Suffolk County’s best contractors? Center Island Contracting can assist you in remodeling your home so it’s aging in place ready. We know all the must haves for aging seniors so that your home is safe and secure, in addition to being easy to navigate.

Below are the remodeling projects you will need to complete for your home to be ready for aging in place.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms for aging seniors. Slip-resistant floors, handrails and walk-in bathtubs are just a few remodeling projects to undergo to prevent falls going in and out of the shower or tub.

Smart Lighting                                            

Smart lighting features can ensure your home is well-lit and safe enough to navigate. Motion sensors that turn on lights when your presence is detected, or timed lights are some features of smart technology for lighting needs.

Kitchen Functionality

In addition to the bathroom, kitchen safety is an important aspect of aging in place. Some kitchen renovation projects for aging in place might include installing non-slip floors, raising the height of the dishwasher, rounding the corners of countertops and widening access areas to accommodate wheelchairs.

Doorway Widening

Another agingin in place home renovation project is widening the doorways to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. This will prevent injuries bumping into the sides of the wall while trying to maneuver through the house. Standard doorway frames are a bit too tight to accommodate mobility devices.


Ramps can take the place of stairs for seniors who need walking assistance. Outdoor and indoor ramps will need to be installed for anyone using a cane, wheelchair or walker, considering they won’t be able to use stairs.

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