Create a Better Work from Home Environment with a Home Renovation in Harbor Acres

Working from home has become the norm for many companies in New York and across the U.S., which has spurred a new need for secluded work from home spaces within the home.

We’ve seen an uptick in home renovation projects accommodating for the need to work remotely, in a productive environment free of distractions. For those who have found themselves working from home when their office shut down for Coronavirus precautions, it might be difficult to establish a new routine while at home.

Renovating a part of your home to accommodate for a home office will help create a routine to set you up for future success in your new work environment.

Convert a Guest Bedroom

If your home has a bedroom to spare, it’s always an option to convert it into a home office. If you’re still in need of the extra bedroom, you can create a guest room/home office combination that allows for both. This is a great option because it gives you privacy and the ability to shut the door to work in a quiet environment while keeping a room available for guests.

Garage or Basement Conversion

Garage or basement conversions can turn unused space into livable space in your home for a home office. The good news about converting a garage or portion of the basement into a home office is that a home’s value is based on the total finished livable square footage, so once a basement is finished, the home’s value increases instantly.

Home Addition

If there is no space available for a home office within your home, a home addition can solve that issue. In fact, we recommend a dormer, extension or addition to create the extra space you need. We can create a traditional space with built-in shelving, or a loft space that’s open and airy. The sky is the limit!

Get Creative

Working from home doesn’t need to mean working from your kitchen island or dining room table. With more and more companies changing to a remote workforce and many students switching to virtual learning, a multi-purpose space for virtual learning and a home office can be created. Talk to our design experts about how that space will fit into your current home layout, or we can discuss an addition to build it.

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