Beginner’s Guide to Remodeling Bathrooms in Old Bethpage

For homeowners who have never gone through a bathroom renovation before, the idea of a renovation project might be overwhelming.

Rest assured, bathroom renovations are well worth the time, energy and money that go into them because bathrooms are our own relaxing sanctuary within our homes.

If you’re new to bathroom renovations and looking for a beginner’s guide, here are some tips to get you started.


Save money by keeping the plumbing in the same location. If you can avoid changing the layout of the bathroom and having to change plumbing locations, you will save time and money. However, we know there are times this can’t be avoided, and a layout change is inevitable.


Be careful where you invest in trends. It’s better to keep the majority of the renovation project neutral and use accessories like rugs, hand towels, lighting, etc. for the trendy pieces. If you don’t plan on doing another renovation anytime soon, your bathroom will outgrow the trend and look dated in a few years.

Shower or Tub

If there isn’t enough room for both, shower or tub is the million dollar question in a bathroom remodeling project. Ask yourself questions like how will the bathroom be used and how much space is there? Ultimately, the decision will come down to who uses the bathroom the most and how much space you’re working with.

Natural Light

Add skylights or windows to a bathroom that’s lacking natural light. If adding windows is not possible for your budget or project timeline, there are plenty of bathroom lighting options available in a variety of finishes and styles.

Order Materials First

Choose your materials first to leave time for them to become available. There’s nothing worse than shipping delays disrupting the bathroom renovation project timeline. The first thing you should do is order your vanity, bathtub, tiles and any other materials that need an upgrade.

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