Reduce Stress by Giving Your Home a Paint Color Makeover

Most of us desire to create a home that serves as a calming force in an otherwise stressful world. As such, we will do anything in our power to create a home environment that is soothing, comfortable and peaceful. There are certain colors that are scientifically proven to act as mood boosters, so use these colors as wall colors in order to help you unwind at home after a long day.


Blue hues are widely believed by Feng Shui experts to be calming and soothing. Picture a soft color blue reminiscent of a beautiful sky or a calming ocean. Shades in the blue family are said to decrease blood pressure and lower heart and breathing rates.


Pink, or more specifically Salmon, has a calming effect in that it strikes a balance between natural earth and fire elements. Although pink is associated with femininity, there are certain spaces that a light shade of pink can fit into to provide a sense of calm and peace.


A grey-blue color has a similar effect to calming blue hues, and a light grey is a great color to pair with any of the colors mentioned here to reduce stress. It’s a neutral, so it can essentially be used in any room, which isn’t the case with colors like pink or violet. It also goes well with furniture or other color schemes that might already be incorporated into the room.


Violet or lavender is a less intense version of purple and can set the tone for a calming, peaceful room. Muted shades of violet or lavender can have a spiritual energy about them so try out the paint color in a space used to meditate or unwind.

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