6 Design Details to Consider When Remodeling

It’s often said that the beauty is in the details. It’s important to remember this when consumed with a home remodel project, since we usually harp on the big budget items instead of the small details. Those small details, however, can make the home. Below are six details that can give your home renovation the wow-factor look your home deserves.

  • Soft-Close Cabinets – Why does it give us so much pleasure to shut a kitchen or bathroom cabinet without the slamming sound? It must be a combination of the quietness and the gentle way it feels. It also gives peace of mind that what’s inside the drawers will stay in place when not being slammed.
  • Change All Door Hardware – If your remodel only focuses on one or two rooms, the rest of your house will still have the same old hardware. Spend a little extra to make all the door hardware in the house match, which is a small detail but really makes a difference in the big picture.
  • Outlets Without Visible Screws – This tiny detail will make your outlets look clean and polished and it’s such an easy swap-out. Look for screwless outlets and switch plates that hide screws, which essentially just come with a cover that pops over the top.
  • Custom Cabinet Organizers – It can take forever to organize the glassware, knives, Tupperware and more inside of your cabinets, so build custom cabinet organizers to make organization easy. This is a small detail that will make all the difference in the organization and time management of your household. This can even be incorporated into your bathroom with holsters for items like hair dryers and flat irons.
  • Protective Treatment for Shower Glass – Protect your shower glass doors from water and heat, and keep it clean longer by adding a protective sealant. This may seem like such a minute detail, but it will make life easier when it comes to bathroom maintenance.
  • Lit-Up House Number – We’ve all been there. Driving up to someone’s house for the first time and we can’t find the house number, which is especially hard to read in the dark. Make it easier on everyone by incorporating your house number somewhere easily visible to the front of the house and as a nice touch, light it up.

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