Renovating a His and Hers Master Bedroom for Two

Are you planning for a new build or a home renovation? Center Island Contracting’s construction management team takes pride in the ability to treat every new home building or remodeling job as if the home belongs to a member of the team. With that said, the prospect of separate spaces within one master bedroom has become a big trend. Most of us compete with our significant other for counter or sink space every morning in our bathrooms, but we can make sure that never happens again after a completely renovated dream master bedroom built for two. Below are some features to keep in mind when remodeling or building a new master bedroom, which will provide separate space for two.

Dual Showers

For busy couples who need access to the shower at the same time, the prospect of two shower heads on opposite sides of the shower or side-by-side is life changing. Even for those who aren’t in a rush, having your own space in the same shower is a nice change from a standard shower.

Double Sinks

Having double sinks goes along with the same concept of having dual showers; each partner gets their own space. Using one sink basin but two separate faucets is an alternative to having two separate sinks, since it’s easier to have one drain.

Room for Two Bathtub

Building a bathtub big enough for two will provide some nice relaxing and de-stressing time for any couple, but having ample space to relax on your own is even better. Even the healthiest couples would agree it can be unsettling to feel like you have to be on top of each other when you’re trying to relax.

Partial or Full Height Wall Separator

The his and hers master bathroom trend has expanded to create a portion of the room with a partial or full height wall that separates a small space from the rest of the master bath for privacy. This is a cost effective way to maintain privacy in a room shared with your significant other.

Two Toilets

Going along with the idea of a dual shower and double sinks, double toilets is a trend for bathroom remodeling. If preferred, keep them enclosed for maximum privacy if both partners need to use the bathroom at the same time.

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