Plumbing Insulation and Other Fall Renovations

Don’t Forget Your Pipes during Autumn Home Renovations!

Fall is the perfect time for home renovations for a lot of reasons: it’s physically more comfortable to work in cooler weather, and you’re more likely to complete any projects you start because winter is coming soon. Some of the most important projects you can begin involve your pipes; plumbing insulation and leak repair are critical to keeping your home protected through the colder months, and could save you some serious dough.

We’ve compiled a list of some essential plumbing-related home renovations to have done this fall. We guarantee that taking care of your plumbing repair needs now will make your home cozier (and your wallet a bit fatter) throughout the year.

    1. New plumbing insulation. Much like you wear a jacket to protect you from a chill, your pipes need some cover-up, too. Plumbing insulation helps to keep your pipes from cracking in colder weather by ensuring that the water doesn’t freeze within them. You also have the added bonus of lower heating bills, since your water heater doesn’t need to work as hard to keep the water warm. You can buy plumbing insulation at the store to wrap your exposed pipes, but you want an experienced plumber to handle any pipes that run under or outside of your home.


    1. Repair your hot water heater. If your water heater has been working overtime this year, or if you feel like it just doesn’t heat up the same way, now’s the time to call a plumber. You may be due for a new one, in which case you’ll need a plumber to install it.


    1. Installing a water filter. There are models available that you can install yourself, but as the old saying goes: you get what you pay for. We know which kinds of filtration systems actually work, how much or how little maintenance they need, and the proper way to install them. Having a water filtration systems put in as part of your home renovations is a smart idea; you can rest assured that we know how to do it right.


    1. Fixing leaks. That incessant drip-drip-drip noise can drive you mad, can’t it? A leaky faucet can also cost you big bucks if you let it go too long. If you’ve tried tightening the faucet or showerhead and it still won’t stop, it’s time to call a professional. We can see if the leak is a symptom of a larger issue, and take care of any plumbing repairs while we’re there. We also have certified builders and contractors who can handle any leaks unrelated to your plumbing.


  1. Addressing issues with your gas lines. A gas line break can be even more serious than a frozen pipe – but not by much. If you smell gas and you don’t know where it’s coming from, leave your home and call the fire department immediately. Once they’ve given you the all-clear, give us a call; we work with gas lines as part of our home renovation services, and we can help protect you and your family.

Frozen or leaking water can cause major problems, from broken pipes to mold to rotting floor boards. Here at Center Island Contracting, we put our more than 100 years of combined experience to work for our customers in need of home renovations. We’ve spent years cultivating long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect with the manufacturers and suppliers you already know, so we always use the finest materials and products. Our fully licensed and insured team always treats you with respect; we are consummate professionals at every turn.

When you need a new faucet, new plumbing insulation or even new water pipes, Center Island Contracting can help. Please call us at 631-465-9765 or fill out our online contact form to speak with a dedicated and experience plumbing professional about your plumbing repair needs.

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