Importing Tips on Hiring a Contractor

Important Tips You Need to Know before Hiring a Contractor for Your Home Improvements

When it comes time for home improvement projects, hiring a contractor is a crucial step. Although finding the right general contractor for your home projects may seem like a confusing task, there are a few tips for hiring a contractor that will make the process less painful. Here are some simple pointers you can rely on when looking for the right general contractor to get the job done!

You Better Shop Around – Consider this your first step of research. Start with collecting names and licensing numbers of general contractors in your area. You can look online, in newspaper flyers, or listings at your local hardware store. The most important thing is that you obtain their general contractor’s licensing number; we will talk more about this in a later step.

Word Travels Quickly – Do you have a friend or neighbor who recently used a general contractor? If so, find out what they thought about that contractor’s craftsmanship on their home improvements. Referrals are usually a safe way to go, because you are using someone else’s experience, instead of hiring that general contractor for yourself. If your friend or neighbor had a great experience with a general contractor, add their contact information and licensing number to your list.

Double Check Your List – Thanks to the internet, you can gather all the information you need before ever having to pick up your phone. You can gather information on general contractors through the Better Business Bureau and your state’s general contractor licensing organization. You want to make absolutely certain that any general contractor you use is licensed, bonded and insured. Now that you have narrowed down the list of general contractors based on licensing and referrals, you are ready to meet the potential general contractor you will be hiring. During your interview, it is important to consider a few key points.

Avoid General Contractors Who Upsell – Make sure the contractor is not strongly pushing any part of the home improvement project on you.

Be Specific on What You Want – Let your general contractor know exactly what you are hoping to gain from this home improvement. This will allow contractors to give you a better cost estimate.

Get it on Paper – Before you hire a general contractor for your home improvements, make sure to get all their promises and estimates in writing. Center Island Contracting knows that when it comes to home improvements around your home, you want an experienced team of general contractors on your side. It is imperative that the general contractor you are working with understand and can meet your home improvement needs. For more information on how the general contractors of Center Island Contracting can exceed your home improvement expectations, call 631-465-9765 or fill out our contact form.