New Home Building

When faced with the decision of building a new home from scratch, many thoughts must be considered before proceeding with this overwhelming task. Our general contractors are available to reassure you that custom building your home is the best choice, and their assistance will be an invaluable resource in your new home building project. Personal preference plays a big role in the decision to build vs. buy, but Center Island’s general contractors will convince you that building a new home is the better way to go when you can depend on master craftsmen to carry you through all phases of construction. Five reasons to build a home instead of buying an existing one may include:

Have It Your Way: Building your dream house offers tremendous sentimental value and advantages in the long run. When you build a home, you can have everything your way from the carpet in the den to the cabinets in the kitchen and everything in between, both structurally and design-wise. Having experienced general contractors to bounce your thoughts off during the process helps you gain the confidence to move forward with the next phase.

No need to buy someone else’s decisions or, worst case scenario, their mistakes: Having everything brand-new and up-to-date is a tremendous advantage when you’re building a new home instead of buying an existing one. For instance, all the appliances will be brand-new and likely under original warranty. Your general contractors will ensure that the construction materials and building code will be up to the latest quality and safety standards. Additionally, in today’s technologically-advanced world, everything from wiring for high-speed internet to the latest in spatial, acoustic and architectural trends can be added without much trouble and would probably be absent from a repurchased home.

Location, Location, Location: If you are building a new home in a new neighborhood, you will often find these planned communities feature recreational facilities, centralized lawn maintenance and location closer to the newer parts of town (read: better shopping, newer schools, and the true neighborhood feel). Oftentimes, if you don’t perform your due diligence in this step when buying an existing home, you may wind up with an expensive house in a less desirable neighborhood.

Energy Efficiency (Tax) Credits: Depending upon the “R” rating of your heating and cooling equipment, tax credits may be available on these and some of your other appliances, as well. Building a new home is your opportunity to choose planet-saving solar or an insulated hot water heating system. The general contractors at Center Island will give you the best advice on how to pursue any potential energy tax credits.

It’s Your Baby: in the final analysis, it is the feeling of saving, hoping and praying…and finally DOING. After conceptualizing the finished product in your mind every waking moment, agonizing over costs for possibly years, and finally designing and building a new home, that possessive, coveted feeling of accomplishment will elate you for many years to come. If conceived properly, with long-term planning and the advice of our experts, your new home will carry you through the future without a hitch.

Center Island Contracting wants to share the entire experience with you. Contact us here or call 631-465-9765 with your ideas and let our general contractors draw up a plan to make your dreams of building a new home a reality. You deserve the reward: a brand new home with all the amenities in the best location you can find.