Kitchen Remodel

Making changes to your kitchen can be an exciting and daunting endeavor. There are many reasons why you may want to take on this challenge, and focusing on your main reasons may help you decide exactly what you ultimately do. For example, are you looking to improve the value of your home, make the kitchen more usable, increase storage space or simply replace old and worn cabinets? Depending on your needs, a licensed general contractor may help you choose a different path, from a complete kitchen remodel to a simple refacing project. Our experienced professionals will assist you with some arduous decisions regarding any major undertaking, and offer you a variety of choices within your budget.

The initial steps our general contractors would discuss with you pertaining to a full kitchen remodel would logically be budget and design. From that point on, the following items are some suggestions about how the project may proceed.

Cabinets: A plan would be conceived, or in the case of a simple cabinet upgrade, samples of wood types, colors, door detailing and/or any custom request (such as a refrigerator door panel to match the cabinets) would be discussed to determine style preference within the budget. In any kitchen remodel, hinge types would also be an important detail that may extend the longevity and cosmetic life of the drawers/doors. The sound of children slamming cabinets can grate on the nerves, hence a “quiet close” style would be desirable, as one example.

Countertop/Backsplash: All general contractors are happy to illustrate the many types of granite, ceramic tile, marble or limestone, whether natural or engineered, to suit your aesthetic needs and budget. All will agree that countertop choice can make or break the kitchen remodel project. Our licensed general contractor will recommend the selection that best fits your family’s needs. Sink/faucet/cabinet hardware: The options out there will boggle the mind. With the technology of today, form and function are the name of the game. Our kitchen remodel expert will demonstrate the types of hardware that would be the most effective and attractive additions for you, well within your budget!

Flooring: Let us refer back to those cabinet door-slamming children when contemplating choices of flooring for your kitchen remodel. Function overshadows all when we consider the folks we live with, therefore a soft selection may be in your best interests. Porcelain tile is lovely and elegant, however, a glass dropped on that floor can be a safety issue when it comes to little human or pet feet walking on those shards. Our general contractors may convince you to elect a maintenance-friendly type of wood flooring or laminate, while still satisfying that desire for high style and quality at a cost you can live with.

Browse the Center Island Contracting website today and familiarize yourself with the scope of tasks our design consultants can assist you with, inside your budget, style preferences and timeline. You deserve that new kitchen remodel and Center Island Contracting wants to help you achieve your dream. Contact us here or call 631-465-9765, for a prompt appointment scheduled at your convenience.