Basement Remodel

There are several reasons why you may choose to finish the basement of your home.  A desire for additional elbow room is probably the most significant reason.  A beautifully-executed basement remodel can give you the perfect space for entertaining, a den for family activities, a game room, and even a top-of-the-line home theater.  Incidentally, a “man” cave is the current fad in sports-centric basement design. 

In an effort to create a more spacious living area upstairs, your basement remodel may include a laundry room with an additional sink and toilet.  Besides making the home more convenient for your family, Center Island’s general contractors will accomplish the project in a timely manner, within your budget and with the bonus of increasing the overall value of your property.  Our teams create wonderful basement spaces using high quality materials, always building to code and with the proper permits.

Some finance-conscious homeowners may choose to perform the ultimate basement remodel.  And that would be to create a separate living quarters for elderly parents or a “returnee” child.  Since basements should be more heavily lit than above-ground rooms, our general contractors will create a scenario which will maximize both natural (outdoor daylight) and artificial lighting. An open floor plan, large windows, and a French door leading to the basement instead of the solid door which is most likely installed there now will also help to increase the lighting in the room.  A basement apartment need not be the depressing, subterranean space that would be a turn off to a family member.  The increased property value of this type of basement remodel may climb into the tens of thousands of dollars.

While your basement may not be much to look at now, you’ll want to end up with quality living space when the task is completed.  Our general contractors will aid you in layout, interior design and execution of the project.  A little forethought and careful planning now can help you create a space that is attractive, comfortable and useful.

Contact us here or call Center Island Contracting at 631-465-9765, for a meeting with our specialists.  Permits will be sought from your town by our licensed general contractors and we will bring you from the basement design phase, through construction to completion within a reasonable period.  A satisfied homeowner is our best advertisement!