New Construction in Hempstead: How to Make your New Home More Energy Efficient in 2019

One of the many benefits of a new construction home is that it’s a blank canvas to create a home best suited to your family’s needs. One of the most popular new home construction requests in 2019 is to build the most energy efficient house possible.

Building with an energy efficient home design gives homeowners an advantage over attempting to make green updates to an existing house. Investing in energy efficiency will not only reduce your carbon footprint, it will save money in energy bills each year. New construction homes that combine energy efficient construction with solar panels, LED lighting, energy efficient state-of-the-art appliances and more to achieve a true energy efficient home.

Below are some suggestions to discuss with your builder at Center Island Contracting to achieve a more energy efficient home when undergoing a new home construction project.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which will decrease or even remove your energy bills. Not only are you helping the environment by using solar energy, you’re helping your finances at the same time.

LED Lights

LED lights will significantly lower your electric bill, not to mention it’s better for the environment by using less energy. You can rely on Center Island Contracting to install LED lighting systems in your new build, allowing for the best possible lighting upgrade in your new home.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances that are non-energy efficient will waste energy, pollute the environment and cost homeowners more money in the long run. Even though your house only accounts for one household using energy efficient appliances, you’re making an impact that will contribute to a greater change.

Insulated Doors and Windows

Having airtight windows and doors will contribute to a more energy efficient home because it will eliminate your heating and cooling from escaping the house, which will make your heating and cooling system work overtime to compensate.

Heating and Cooling Systems

With a brand new homes comes a brand new, efficient heating and cooling system that won’t use up as much energy as your old system that has to work hard to do its job correctly. Old heating and cooling systems also produce harmful greenhouses gases that can contribute to global warming.

The design experts and electricians at Center Island Contracting have years of experience in reducing energy costs to your home on the north shore of Long Island, in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on building a more energy efficient new home construction, call (516) 481-4707 or fill out our contact form.