Summer is Around the Corner – Pros and Cons of Building a Pool

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than cooling off right in your own backyard pool. Not only is a pool a great visual addition to your outdoor living space, it’s also a great addition to summer entertaining and a fun activity for the kids. However, there can be drawbacks of having a pool too, like the maintenance and safety concerns.

Not all home buyers are looking for a pool, and for some it’s a non-negotiable. If you’re stuck deciding whether to build a pool, buy a new home with a pool, or leave the idea behind altogether, here are a few points to consider on both the pro and con sides.


Increase Resale Value

Pools are an attractive feature for potential buyers, not to mention they can increase the resale value of your home. Pool installations are less expensive than they used to be, but that money can be recovered once it’s time to sell anyway.

More Exercise

Think of a pool as your very own exercise facility. As a whole, your family will be more active with a pool in the privacy of your own home. Not only can you jump in and do a few quick laps, the children will benefit from being more active as well.


Birthday parties, get togethers and summer BBQs will be taken up a notch with a pool in your backyard. Your outdoor living space will also get a pick-me-up with a beautiful water feature to look at while dining al fresco or lounging poolside on a sunny day.


Let’s face it – pools are just plain fun. Remember when you were a kid, friends’ houses with pools were always the hot spot in the neighborhood.


Save yourself a drive to the community pool, your in laws or a friend’s house and simply walk out of your back door to soak up the sun and go for a swim. Having your own pool is more convenient if you use it regularly.



With all the enhancements a pool can make to your outdoor living space, it also requires regular maintenance. Whether you do it yourself or hire a pool company to come and maintain your pool, it’s added time or money spent.


Especially with small children around, pools can pose a safety risk. As a responsible homeowner and parent, taking the proper precautions to reduce the risk of accidents must be taken. No matter how an accident happens during a pool party or play date, it becomes your responsibility.

Insurance Increase

You might be sensing a theme here, but having a pool comes with the increase in your insurance rate. A pool means you’re taking on much more risk, so it makes sense that your insurance needs to be extended to cover possible accidents.


The general cost of building a pool might be a con to homeowners who don’t ever plan on selling their home, thus never recouping the cost. If you don’t plan on selling, increasing your home value might not a be a priority.

Utility Bill Increase

Between the energy used to keep the pool running and the water needed to fill it up, having a pool means a big increase in your utility bill.

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