Repair or Replace Old Windows?

When noticing your old windows aren’t what they once were, the common solution is to replace them. But there are some circumstances where repairing is a better solution than replacing. After noticing issues like leakage, rotting, draft or foggy condensation, the first thought would be to get rid of the old windows that are no longer serving their purpose and replace them with new ones. But is it worth the money?

With the rise in popularity of going green, homeowners are now deciding to repair the windows they have. Reusing windows decreases the waste in landfills and simple fixes like sealing air leaks can increase energy efficiency. Below is a guide that will help decide between repairing or replacing your old windows.


Foggy windows are good indicators that the window seals are broken. If you notice your windows fogging up or see streaks of condensation between the window panes, simply replace the panes for a relatively inexpensive repair job. In this case, replacing is not necessary.


Wood deteriorates over time if it isn’t sealed correctly and when exposed to harsh elements over time, so rotted window frames could become an issue. If the frames are completely rotten, there’s no way around having to completely replace the windows. If there are a few rotted spots, you might be able to patch the rotted areas.


If you notice drops of water on the interior of your window, it’s usually a sign of a faulty drainage system and not a window issue. On the other hand, it could also mean your exterior window casing needs to be replaced. In the case of water leakage, the issues aren’t with the windows and can be fixed in other ways.


When air rushes into the house through the windows, it’s time to decide whether to replace or repair. Cracked or peeled caulking is usually the culprit, so in this case it’s best to repair by replacing the caulking and sealing the leaks. Sealing links will also significantly lower your energy bill.

Broken Glass

Accidents happen, so if you find yourself with a broken glass window due to a storm or even a rogue baseball, it should be relatively easy to repair. For single-pane windows replace with a glazier. Replace the sash for multi-pane glass windows.

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