Masonry Services

Center Island Contracting can take care of all of your professional masonry services, which will give your home a fantastic first impression. Not only do we provide professional masonry services, but any of our design experts can help you in the stone selection process as well. Our masonry division takes care of everything you need in this process; our stonemasons work cohesively with our design specialists and our landscaping experts don’t need to enlist an outside masonry company.

The process of choosing stone for retaining walls, paving your driveway or installing a stone veneer can be difficult, that is why our experts help guide you towards the perfect fit for your home and family needs. For a quick 101 in stone selection, here are the most common masonry materials used in home projects:

Stucco: Stucco is resistant to damage, making it a very strong and durable material to use for masonry work. Traditional stucco is made out of lime, sand and water and more modern types of stucco are made out of Portland cement, sand and water to make plaster. Stucco is pretty cost effective and comes in a variety of colors, making it a common masonry material.

Brick: Brick is made from abundant materials like clay and shale and then fired in a kiln, making it one of the most durable masonry materials. Brick is the material that will come up the most in any discussion about masonry work, considering how long this material has been used in our history with proven success. Brick is energy efficient, resistant to wind and fire and it doesn’t eject any harmful substances back into the environment.

Concrete: Concrete is also a durable material and can be more time efficient when doing masonry work to your home due to its blocks being larger in size than other materials. This common masonry material can also help with cutting costs due to it acting as insulation. It’s also a popular masonry material because of its ability to take on many shapes and sizes, which gives it a versatility factor.

Stone: Natural stones include granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, and travertine and require one investment that will last forever. It’s fire resistant, moisture-free and best of all, maintenance-free. The design aspect of using stone in your masonry project is another aspect of its popularity – there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing stone colors and varieties to give your home the upgrade it deserves.

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