Granite Installation

Among Center Island Contracting’s many services, we provide professional granite installation. Your kitchen, the focal point of any home, will likely become the most stylish room in the house after your granite countertops are installed.

Our granite installation services are top-notch, with our skilled granite installation experts making Center Island Contracting one of the premier installers in New York state. There are many benefits of installing granite countertops in your kitchen and/or bathroom, so here are just a few:

Add Value to Your Home: Sure, granite is an expensive material to add to your home. However, it’s a good investment because when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll get it back and then some. You will find that prospective home buyers will most likely be looking for a kitchen with granite in it, making your home a desirable contender. In order to pack less of punch to your wallet, consider buying the granite wholesale. Center Island Contracting associates are more than willing to help you make the decision on which type of granite to purchase, since we know the choices can appear to be endless.

Durability: Granite is one durable material, and you will feel good about that once we install it into your kitchen. You can cook just about anything on your granite countertops and you won’t damage them. Don’t worry about scratching the surface either, a special seal is in place in order to prevent that from happening. Cooking guilt-free is the way to go!

Heat Resistant: Granite is heat resistant, so don’t worry about placing anything on the countertops that are either too hot or too cold. You won’t ruin the surface with a scolding hot pot or pan you place on it because the material was formed by heat and pressure, so that’s definitely a good advantage.

It’s Clean: One of the easier materials to clean, granite can simply be cleaned with a gentle water and soap combination. It doesn’t take much to clean granite, since it’s non-porous and doesn’t absorb bacteria or any type of germs. Wiping down your countertops after each time you cook with either a special granite cleaner or soap and water should do the trick, making the maintenance on this material a dream.

High-Quality Appeal: Let’s face it, we’re all looking for the most modern and up-to-date styles for our homes and granite is one of those materials. By installing granite in your kitchen and/or bathroom, you’re essentially giving your home a facelift with one of the more desirable extras people look for when they’re buying or renting a new home.