6 Tips To Consider Before A Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can really transform your home, not to mention increase the value. To prepare for a bathroom remodel, consider the main objectives of the renovation; such as increasing functionality, improving lighting, gaining storage and much more. Here are some tips to get your money’s worth during a bathroom remodel with Center Island Contracting.


Consider adding recessed lighting fixtures to open up the space for maximum brightness, along with a dimmer switch to control how dim or bright you want it. It’s also a good idea to add recessed lights in your shower with shower trim. Overall, when it comes to lighting in your bathroom be mindful that it should represent a mixture of function and style.

Wall-hung toilets

Wall-hung toilets are a perfect opportunity to maximize functionality in your bathroom and there’s a reason they’ve become so popular recently. With this surge in popularity, the price has become much more affordable. With the tank not accessible to the eye and placed beyond the wall, the benefit of having a wall-hung toilet is that it saves space and looks sleek and modern.

Shower floors

Using smaller tiles gives more traction than larger tiles, and they’re easier to put in because large tiles are hard to slope correctly. Since the grout lines are closer together, it’s harder to slip with smaller tiles in your new bathroom. To give your bathroom a clean and finished look, bring the same wall tile all the way down to the floor.


The larger the pipe, the less likely it is for your pipes to get clogged. Consider upgrading your plumbing from the typical 1 ½ inch pipe to a 2-inch pipe if you can work it into your budget. The difference in price between the two pipes shouldn’t be too difficult to negotiate.

Vanity drawers vs. cabinets

Drawers allow for more storage than cabinets, so it’s better to install a vanity with easily accessible drawers to increase the amount of storage space in your bathroom. Your organization will also benefit from drawers, which results in being able to store large items easier.

Shower window

Imagine getting into your shower in the morning and being able to enjoy a hot shower drenched in natural light? Installing a shower window would provide this, however there are some things to consider. For privacy, consider a frosted-glass window. Also, stone jambs are important to have to keep the window locked in watertight. The sill needs to be sloped downwards to allow the water to drain properly and a tilt-and-turn window is best so the plastic handles on the outside of the window don’t rust.

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