Lighting Upgrades to Make your Home Remodel Dazzle in Centre Island

Your new construction or newly-remodeled home is not complete without lighting upgrades to make it dazzle. Upgrading your lighting can make a big difference in any room, adding the cherry on top of the interior design cake.

Choosing the lighting for your home remodel or new build is just as important as furnishing the home or choosing a paint color. It not only brightens up the space but adds a certain ambiance that your family and guests will take notice to. Some lighting upgrades, like LED lights, can even save money on your energy bill.

Below are our tips for lighting upgrades that will make your new home shine.


Create a calming mood within your home by installing dimmers to your light switches. Not only will it give you control of how dark or light you want your lights on for any given time of day, it will also save on energy.

LED Lights

Go green with energy-saving light bulbs. Switch out your standard incandescent lights for LED lights, which not only use less energy, but have longer lifespans, require less maintenance and are safer than incandescent bulbs.

Add Layers

The three types of layered lights are accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. Layered lighting gives your lighting more of a purpose, allowing you to highlight certain areas of a room.

Sensors on Exterior Lights

Motion sensors on your exterior lights are nice because they only turn on when needed. It brightens up the exterior of your home when you arrive home in the dark, and also alerts you to guests walking up to the front door of your home at night.

Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights in the kitchen add a beautiful ambiance to your kitchen and light up the area for when you need it. You can simply turn it off when you’re done with the task to save on energy usage.

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