Kitchen Remodel: How to Make your Kitchen Look Bigger

If your kitchen is lacking square footage and you’re looking for ways to make it appear larger than it is, our design experts can help.

You don’t have to undergo a major kitchen remodel, instead the design aspects of a room can have an impact on how big it looks. For example, a bright and airy design will open up the space and make it look less confined.

Use design features like cabinetry, countertop materials and paint to your advantage to open up your space. From using light colors, to using more compact appliances, to glass front cabinet doors, these are our picks for making your kitchen look bigger.

Natural Light

Allowing the most amount of natural light in will help to make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. Let natural light in with large bay windows, by installing skylights or with large French doors leading out to the patio.

Light Colors

This is the oldest trick in the book. Use light colors like white or lighter neutrals to give the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. Use these light colors on the wall, countertops, cabinetry and in some design features to keep the room looking open and airy.

Glass Front Cabinets

Switch out your standard solid wood cabinet doors with glass front cabinets to make the room look bigger. Use this technique on cabinets where you’re displaying your nice barware or tableware so that something visually appealing is visible.

Compact Appliances

In smaller kitchen spaces, it’s best not to overwhelm the space with bulky appliances that don’t fit. Compact appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers will look more proportional in a smaller kitchen.

No Strong Visual Contrasts

Avoid strong visual contrasts like a bright accent wall in a small kitchen, which will restrict the space instead of opening it up. Find other parts of the kitchen to add your pop of color, such as kitchen accessories or artwork.

Sliding Door

Sliding patio doors are space savers in a kitchen lacking space. The doors slide instead of swinging out, so they have no impact on the footprint of the kitchen. Sliders offer a more minimalist style, which serves the purpose of opening up a small space to make it look larger.

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