3 Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel

Second only to a kitchen renovation in its potential for bringing value to your home, the bathroom remodel is the area that will make a significant cosmetic difference in any home improvement project. From basic plumbing tasks to eclectic design innovations, our general contractors will be on hand to bring you from design phase to finished product as promptly as possible within your agreed-upon budget. A sample of bathroom remodel offerings by our master craftsmen may include:

Plumbing: our licensed local plumbing contractors are adept at toilet/sink replacement, fixtures, water heater and filtration installations, as well as radiant floor heating, using the high quality of materials one would expect in a first-rate remodel.

Electrical: Experience is key. We send our Long Island electricians to your home to solve problems and discuss any bathroom remodel issues you may be entertaining, such as improved lighting, installing a motor for a spa tub or wiring for a hanging, heated towel rack in the room. All our work complies with local codes, and is properly permitted by the town.

Tile/Granite Contractor: within your design standards, no detail will be left undone by our master craftsmen who will consult with you to ascertain the finished project will meet your every desire, design-wise, while working side by side with the plumbing contractor on any mechanical issues involved.

The fixture choices in a bathroom remodel are varied. One may choose nickel, stainless, wood or ceramic, depending upon budget. If the scope of the bathroom remodel is large and a higher sum has been allocated to the fixture budget, any of the high quality materials would serve you well. Plumbing supply stores may have items you can inspect in person to determine whether one material or finish is better than the next. For example, you may choose items that are rust-proof, stain-repellent, or have fewer moving parts, and the like. When you have decided, our general contractors will consult with you and answer any questions you may have about your desired selection.

Additional areas of expertise that our general contractors possess pertinent to a bathroom remodel are: window installation and/or replacement, closet or storage creation, door or entry relocation – all resulting in the most efficiently appointed space possible, at a price you can afford. No job is too small for our experts to accomplish in a timely manner and within your budget. Finishing touches are our forte and will be executed to your satisfaction.

The professionals at Center Island Contracting are here to serve your every design need; whether it be a bathroom remodel, a houseful of repairs/renovations, or changes in construction to the landscape of your property. Contact us here or call us today at 631-465-9765 for a free, accurate estimate from our licensed experts. We do it all and we do it well.

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