5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Color is back in style! We are here to help you with a simple 5-step guide on how to transition from monotone to colorful.

1. Understand each room’s purpose

Before decorating a room, it’s important to fully comprehend its function. Kitchens are a perfect example of rooms that can serve many purposes. If the area is open and will be used or seen by your guests while hosting, you may want to go for a sophisticated color palette such as blues and whites. However, if it’s going to be more of a personal space for you and your cooking, it could be beneficial to go with calming colors such as greens and golds.

2. Make an inspiration board!

Planning is key when changing up a room. Going in and making changes without a set plan can lead to you regretting your choices later on. Pinterest is great for this– make a board for your home (you can even categorize the board by each room), search for inspiration, and start pinning!

3. Start with the room you are most sure about

Which room this is all depends on your preference. Maybe it’s the one you spend the most time in, the smallest, or the most simple. Starting with the one you have the strongest vision for will help to build your confidence and make redecorating the other rooms much easier.

4. Adding color doesn’t have to involve paint

There are so many ways to add color to your home, even small changes can make a huge difference. This could consist of refreshing your furniture, adding throw pillows, laying down a new rug, and so much more! You don’t need to make drastic changes such as painting all the walls in order to enhance your living spaces.

5. Do what makes you happy!

In the end, this is your home. Trends are ever-changing, so just do what you think looks best! Fill your home with bright colors, or no colors at all. What matters most is that you love your home.