An Introduction to Our Service Offerings

The general contractors at Center Island Contracting can help you lessen the burden of refurbishing your old home or constructing your new one. Attaining that perfect home you’ve always wanted is closer than you think. Whether your remodeling requirements consist of revamping a bedroom or bathroom, expanding your home, or simply changing a door or a window, Center Island Contracting provides extensive services for home improvement. The following is a list of some of the services you may be in need of.

Landscaping: The outside of your home is just as vital as the inside and can increase the property value of your home by a great percentage if done properly. If you plan on selling your home in the future, a good landscaping job will put your home above the rest. Even if you don’t plan on relocating, the extra living space in your backyard will be sure to satisfy and entertain the whole family. When remodeling your backyard, the magnitudes of possibilities are boundless and the range for creative personalization is never-ending. Adding landscaping to your home improvement is a great idea all around.

Basement Remodel: The biggest household sin is having an unfinished basement in your home. When remodeling your basement, you can turn the extra space into virtually anything you want. Not only will having a finished basement in your home add value, but it could also be a room that brings families together. A popular home improvement option when it comes to basement remodeling is turning your additional downstairs room into a family room. By adding a wonderfully oversized television and a giant sectional couch, you’ve created a family sanctuary for movie nights complete with popcorn and laughter.

Siding, Doors, and Windows: One of the most important things you should consider during your home remodeling is your siding. What good is a new home without proper protection from water damage or any other types of leakage for that matter? You want your home to be as energy efficient as possible, which means having the proper siding, doors, and windows. Without the appropriate external components of your home, your house can face serious damage and mold accumulation.

Remodeling your home can sometimes be overwhelming and demanding, which is why you need skilled general contractors with widespread knowledge of various areas. The general contractors at Center Island Contracting will use their expertise to make sure your home improvement plans go efficiently and effortlessly. For further questions call us today, 631-465-9765.