3 Ideas for Your Foyer Remodel:

If you stop and think about it, aside from the exterior of your house, the first glimpse guests get of your home is what they see the moment they step through your door. The foyer sets the tone for the rest of your home and can make all the difference when creating a welcoming environment. It’s also a traffic heavy source of access both into and out of your house, and thus, subject to more than a little wear and tear. The following provides several suggestions to restore that first impression provided by your home’s foyer back to its former glory.

Flooring: There is such a diversity of choices when it comes to flooring today. In fact, it can be almost overwhelming. It’s important to not let this fact keep you from exploring all options to find what’s right for your foyer remodel. Wood floors provide a cozy feel to your foyer and, if cared for properly, can be very durable in a place of high foot traffic. Tile flooring is extremely durable and provides a classy look. Lighter colors are not recommended, as they will show dirt quite easily. Vinyl flooring is a less expensive option to tile; however, it is often not as durable and may mark easily. Carpeting is comfortable and gives the option of colors not seen in the other flooring types. Short carpet such as berber carpeting is recommended for high traffic areas such as the foyer.

Walls: The walls in a foyer can take on substantial abuse over time. Scuffmarks, dents, dings, and holes can occur from everything to missing doorstoppers to rogue flying shoes. A coat or two of paint may cover a multitude of sins, but some of these issues call for the help of a skilled professional. If paint is used, a high-gloss, latex paint is recommended to make wiping future dirt and scuffmarks a viable option. Drywall can be patched in some instances, in others the entire sheet may need to be replaced. Your local general contractor will be a critical source of knowledge when making these decisions. Giving your foyer walls a facelift can be affordable and have a remarkably noticeable effect on its appearance. If you were to do just one thing to renovate the entrance to your home, this would, aesthetically, be the best choice.

Door: Doors take quite a beating over the years, and we’re not just talking about knocks from your neighbors. As with your foyer walls, sometimes a coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of your front door, but more often it needs to be replaced when renovating. Dents, scratches, worn seals, gaskets, and the presence of gaps between the door and the door jam can all be rectified by replacing your door during your foyer remodel. You also have the option to choose a new style to represent your home. Glass windows built into doors come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and can add beauty and natural sunlight to your home.  Metal doors are hardier than most woods. Kick plates may be purchased to ensure added protection to your new front door. Replacing any door requires both the proper skill and tools. It is highly recommended to have a professional perform the installation to ensure the door is flush with the frame of the home, that it swings easily, and forms a tight seal to keep any air from escaping along with your money.

A foyer remodel is great place to start when looking to improve your home. Whether it’s new flooring, walls, or a new door, you have the ability to create a foyer area that not only suits your style, but also creates that relaxed and laid-back atmosphere for your family and guests. Contact our general contractors at Center Island Contracting regarding your foyer remodel, 631-465-9765.