Adding More Storage Space to Your Home:

One universal thing that many homeowners wish for is more storage space. It seems as though there is never enough room in the house and people may find themselves throwing or giving away valuable items just because there’s simply nowhere to put it. By adding an extra closet in the home or expanding an old closet a little makeover can go a long way. Here are 3 types of closets you may want in your home.

Walk-in Closet: A walk-in closet is by far the most popular type of closet and is desired by every homeowner. This type of closet is almost always located in the bedroom. If there isn’t a basement in the home, people tend to keep most of their belongings in their room. Because of that reason, things end up accumulating and before you know it, your possessions take up the entire bedroom. A walk-in closet is a fantastic storage option when you want a place to hold all of your clothes, shoes, and other items that don’t have a spot in the house. You can even get fancy and creative by adding mirrors and a small bench to turn it into a personal private dressing room.

Pantry Closet: Another room with tons of clutter tends to be the kitchen area. If there aren’t enough cabinets and drawers for storage in the kitchen, then everything else usually ends up on the counter tops and kitchen table, which can really make things look chaotic. By adding a pantry closet in the kitchen, you’ll have a tremendous amount of space for oversized pots and pans, additional cookware, recipe books, herbs and spices, and the miscellaneous items that find their way into the kitchen.

Linen Closet: The linen closet can be found in the hallway, most of the time next to the nearest bathroom. The linen closet is the closet that houses towels, toiletries, bath tissue, and other bathroom related products. With these types of closets, adding more shelving can sometimes be enough to give you the storage space you need. By adding extra shelves, it can help keep your bathroom items organized so you aren’t sifting through endless amounts of towels to find that extra toothbrush or first aid kit.

Something as simple as adding an additional closet to your new or old home can alleviate a lot of stress. With the added storage space in your home, you’ll no longer have to trip over things, have trouble finding your possessions, or will have to give up precious belongings again. Contact our general contractors if you are considering that new closet. Call Center Island Contacting today, 631-465-9765.